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Healing society through research and action

Society hasn’t caught up to the speed of information sharing in modern life, and we are all hurting for it.  Humanity’s greatest strength is our cooperation, and with the advent of technology and social media we are now sharing more knowledge than has ever been possible! Everything from current events, history, gossip, art, to science of the planet and of our human bodies is a few clicks away! Knowledge on abuse, human rights, and the nervous system has enabled many people to escape their toxic community of origin… but has left them without the supportive network our human brains crave. Humans are not equipped for long term isolation, and as we have individually scattered for our immediate survival we have collectively thrown ourselves into a mental health fire. Sprinkle in some capitalistic gasoline to constantly create isolation in order to sell more stuff and you end up with modern day: a bonfire of daily anxiety, depression, and hopelessness for millions of people. Yet it doesn’t have to remain that way! Humanity has the knowledge and resources to create better, we just have to put the pieces together. I think I’ve assembled a pretty solid collection of solutions,  and I hope you agree 🙂 


“But how did we get here?!?” Check out Layers In Play to read more about how everything has gone wrong, and why!


Or jump straight to The Solution when you’re ready to see how we get out of this dumpster fire!

Layers in Play (the problems)

Yeah, there’s a lot of problems AND they stack! Like little terrible legos. And just as painful to step on. 

The Solution

You already know it, in fact! You rely on it every day. 

Prismatic Housing

How to live in community

Almost nobody gets taught this anymore! It’s ok that you didn’t know. You can do better now 🙂 

Want to help?

It will take a community to change society – want to be a part of that?